Irasburg, VT

Bio: I hate writing about myself. I am the seventh of seven children born to Ruth Crockett Sawyer and Leland Dwight Sawyer, Sr. I am the wife of Allen Bacon and mother to six beautiful children who are almost all grown up now. I am the Grammy for nine extraordinary grandchildren. lol I'm first and foremost a believer of Jesus Christ. I don't like to say Christian because that's a name others should give to you if you live up to it. Do I really look like a "little Christ"? I've home schooled, but that isn't who I am. I think this blog might be finding out who I am....I'm at a crossroads in life. My children are gone and going...so who am I now? I often find I need to "talk" or "write" things out in order to process...this is my page. I've hardly ever needed anything like this throughout my life; but so many changes have come these last few years that I find that in my hormonal pre-menopausal years I need something to process...all the deep wonderings and wanderings of my heart and soul. Feel free to contact me if you need a listening ear or if you want to comment privately. Maybe my deep inner workings aren't so far from what we as human beings go through in our latter years. If they aren't and are helpful to you to know that someone out there understands and feels the same way...then so be it. I am blessed.

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