Dark Nights Of The Soul -Thomas Moore

“And so we are left with a great battle, not between good and evil, but between really living and just pretending.  Both the righteous and the evil avoid life.  They don’t have the subtlety to understand that good and evil are the yin and yang of existence. Anyone passionate about life is neither all good nor all evil.”

“Perhaps the dark night comes upon you from inside or outside to wake you up, to stir you and steer you toward a new life.  I believe this is the message of most religions, and certainly it is the gist of Christianity and Buddhism.  Your dark night may be a bardo, a period of apparent lifelessness that precedes a new birth of meaning.  Maybe your dark night is a gestation, a coming into being of a level of existence you have never dreamed of.  Maybe your dark night is one big ironical challenge, just the opposite of what it appears to be– not a dying, but a birthing.”